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Cascais is a Portuguese village by the sea, whose magnificence and attraction has been increasingly found by these who go to Portugal and, rather Lisbon. Within a brief distance of Lisbon, about 30 kilometers away, it's fitting extra widespread amongst company to Lisbon to do a day journey to realize its wonders. Wonders such just like the historic homes linked to Portuguese Royalty, the streets filled with charm, as nicely as its fabulous beaches, situated within the coronary middle of the "Portuguese Riviera". 

These qualities make the rate of housing amongst essentially essentially the foremost pricey values in Europe and, no wonder, simply due to the fact its magnificence is enormous. Cascais can easely be a destination for a few days of holidays by the sea, but can also be correct for a day journey from Lisbon. In any case, its proximity to Lisbon makes it actually accessible, regardless of no matter if for the particular person visitor or a household trip.

As we all realize it's very very vital to arrange a trip, rather while traveling with children, we desire to assist you intend your journey and, if possible, assist keep in your journey budget. This is simply due to the fact here's a destination the place the supply of excursions is huge but additionally many times extra pricey than the provides we propose. Therefore, the 2 preferences that we are able to talk to get to Cascais from Lisbor are by Train and Car. We won't point out the automobile option, as you may be pressured to spend extra time, it's extra complex and provides no advantage. 

From Lisbon to Cascais by Train

This is our very very vital notion for anybody wishing to transfer from Lisbon to Cascais. In addition to the route, taking you by way of tremendous landscapes alongside the Tagus River and the Atlantic Ocean, is essentially essentially the foremost convenient, quickly and low-cost option. 

You can see the entire journey in this youtube video:

How to take the train

Catching the teach is easy, and the ride really quick, approximately 30 minutes. To do this, you have to go to the Cais do Sodré station (see the actual place in google maps here). There, you may take the teach from the Cascais line, toward the village with the similar name, which corresponds to a ticket of zone 4, with the rate of € 2.25 for 2018 every journey for adult, and € 1.15 for youngsters of four at 12 years (you can seek the advice of the rate up to date here).

The rate have to be charged to your Viva Viagem ticket, which fees € 0.50 and also you possibly can purely hold one ticket at a time, so that you have to return to the similar operation in your return. 

You can acquire the ticket on the ticket workplaces of the station or utilizing the loading machines which might be within the station, which offer loading in diverse languages. For extra news on how one can acquire and use the Viva Viagem card, see here.

It isn't seemingly to get your ticket on-line before, but there will now not be any risk that the tickets will run out and, throughout the day, ready occasions for a teach now not often go the 15 minutes simply due to the fact it's a teach that works with huge regularity be used now not simply via capacity of these who go to Portugal, but in addition via capacity of the locals as a privileged capacity of accessing the heart of Lisbon.

Hours of operation are from 5:30 am to 1:30 am but we mean you verify the schedule in case you desire to go early within the morning or within the evening. You can see it here.

Suggestion: Since a huge phase of the course is completed alongside the banks of the Tagus River and the Atlantic Ocean, so as to take higher benefit of the view, we mean that on the technique to Cascais, sit on the left edge of the teach toward your destination and, on the method back, do the opposite. 

How to get to Cais do Sodré Train Station
Cais do Sodré Train Station is discovered close to Lisbon's Baixa, somewhat extra than a kilometer from Terreiro do Paço, so that you'll be able to take this route on foot.
If you're extra distant, what we suggest is the use of the Metro, the place the final station of the Green Line, Cais do Sodré, has direct connection with the Railway Station. If you desire to go from the airport instantly to Cascais, you ought to take the Metro on the Lisbon Airport Metro Station, suffer the Red Line to Alameda Station after which take the Green Line toward Cais do Sodré. There can be the risk of buying the "Traveling all Lisboa" ticket. This is a huge risk for these who desire to stroll round Lisbon and see Sintra and Cascais.

For € 10.40 (2018 price, for extra distinctive news see here) you'll be ready to purchase together with your Viva Viagem. And the ticket "Traveling all Lisbon", except permitting you to journey by all trains, buses and metros of Lisbon, nonetheless permits you to make use of the educate to Sintra and Cascais, being capable to exit and return if you want, anyplace you want.

There can be the merit of being capable to make use of the lifts in Lisbon, that is an additional merit to, amongst others, climb the Santa Justa Elevator in Lisbon (see extra news here). However, this won't be in all probability one of the foremost cost-effective choice until you need to spend much less hours in Cascais and nonetheless need to make use of extra public transportation throughout the day in Lisbon. 

By vehicle to Cascais
Although here's a really common choice for locals, highly on summer season weekends, whilst they utilize the nice climate to take pleasure within the seashores of Cascais, here's a answer that we don't recommend.

In fact, renting a vehicle to get to recognize Lisbon is no longer often the greatest option. Besides being hard and pricey to park a car, it's extra confusing and tiring, and Lisbon could be very effectively served by public transport. Like Lisbon, also in Cascais within the summer, it'll possibly be very hard to park and in many instances the site visitors queues make traveling hard to be pleasant. We merely suggest it in case your plan is to lengthen your go to to different attractions within the area. In this case, the vehicle might be the greatest choice but we advise you to leap your day early, to keep away from the hours of site visitors and to utilize your day.

If the vehicle is a methodology selected to transfer to Cascais, we go away NULL options, the first, faster, the A5 motorway, the second, extra time eating but by the sea and landscapes that could dazzle you, the N6 nationwide road. You can seek the advice of the routes in google maps here: A5 and N6.

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