Videos, Videos, Videos!

It’s been a while since our last blog post and we want to provide some updates.  We are approaching high school for the kids, and know that our sailing time will most likely come to an end and we’ll be land based…at least for a while.

We discussed as a family what we wanted to do for our last 12-14 months of sailing, and everyone agreed we needed to get back into doing our videos.  It’s been almost eight years now since we first left the USA…and created our first videos in Argentina.  We created the videos out of a passion for sharing our travels with friends and family…and most importantly for ‘us’.  To this day the kids still love viewing old videos and get a laugh out of seeing themselves so much younger exploring whatever it is we were doing at the time.

Creating videos – consistently – is very challenging.  Connectivity to upload videos is hit and miss, and the raw time required to create a quality video is considerable.  We started to slow down on the videos during our South Pacific crossing, largely due to lack of internet.  We still have TONS of video we’ve not edited from amazing places like Tonga (swimming with the whales), French Polynesia, Fiji, New Zealand and other areas - archived video I hope to sort through and edit over the next year.

Now that we are in SE Asia, connectivity is easier to access.  In addition, we are upgrading our computer for faster editing – since most of our videos are 4k, especially the drone shots – and require a faster computer than my six-year-old macbook.

So, the good news is we are committed to get back on track with consistent videos, approximately 2-4 per month, depending on location.

Our travels over the next year will be a large loop, from Thailand to Guam and then back.  There is a LOT to see and explore, seas to navigate and I’m sure many unexpected challenges ahead.  We are excited to get this rolling, and the kids are keen on helping film, document, and edit these adventures.  It’s a family project, our last hurrah before getting stuck on land.

To launch this effort we have an updated YouTube channel.  The Vimeo channel will continue to be available with older videos (52 videos in total), but we hope to migrate those over to YouTube as time allows.  The issues with the immediate migration is the audio tracks, as YouTube is picky on what songs you can use compared to Vimeo.  However, all future videos will be on YouTube.

The new videos do not mean we will be neglecting the blog.  We’ll still be providing insights and updates that are better for this written medium as we travel circumnavigating SE Asia.

Until next time….here are our four latest videos!  You can subscribe on the left to the new YouTube channel.

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