5 Great Specialties of Padang Cuisine, Which Is Your Favorite?

Padang cuisine is one of the Minangkabau specialties that is famous for its delicacy. I was so delicious, the cuisine has spread abroad.
5 Great Specialties of Padang Cuisine, Which Is Your Favorite?
There are several characteristics that make Padang cuisine so popular. In addition to bersantan and tend to be spicy, the difference lies in the region .

Padang in hilly areas uses meat dishes more often, such as jerky, rendang and so on. Meanwhile, the coastal Padang region has more fish dishes. For example, such as fish curry, grilled fish, fish head curry, and many more.

Many delicious Padang dishes, IDN Times has summarized the following 10 delicious foods.
1. Sate Padang
Unlike Java, Padang satay sauce uses rice flour which has been diluted. Then, it is mixed into boiled water rich in spices. Sate Padang uses beef, tongue or jerohan ingredients.

There are three kinds of Padang satay that have different sauces. Padang Panjang satay has yellow sauce, Padang Pariaman satay has red sauce, and Padang Kota satay has brownish sauce.
2. Rendang

Needless to say, rendang is a very delicious dish. In fact, it has been named the most delicious food in the world.

The delicacy of rendang meat is influenced by the manufacturing process, which is heated repeatedly with coconut milk. The cooking process takes hours to dry and dark black.
3. Fried Chicken

Typically, this dish uses a small rooster or free-range chicken that is covered with onion seasoning. Weak seasonings and coconut cooked with chicken, fried until browned yellow. It looks ordinary, but this Minangkabau fried chicken is very tasty and delicious.

4. Batokok Jerky

You who like spicy seem to be addicted to try the delicious batokok jerky. Food filled with thick cuts of beef mixed with green chili sauce and chopped shallots on top. The beef is very tender with a touch of spicy and sour taste.

5. Balado Fish

Each Padang restaurant has its own balado recipe. The basic ingredients of chili balado are made from onion, chili, tomatoes, lime juice, salt, and sugar.

The taste is savory crispy and spicy red chili. As a complement, the dish is mixed with boiled vegetables so that it feels spicy and the sweetness is very sharp.