Typical Minangkabau Tauco Curry Plus Beef For More Enjoyable

Tauco curry is a typical Minangkabau food that is usually eaten with rice cake or rhombus.
Tauco curry can also be eaten with rice.

Typical Minangkabau Tauco Curry Plus Beef For More Enjoyable

Tauco Gulai seller in Padang, Risma (45) said that the ingredients to make tauco are very easy to find in the market.
"The material is easy, the price of the material is not too expensive,"
The ingredients for making tauco curry are as follows:
  • - Green beans
  • - White tofu
  • - Tempeh
  • - Thick coconut milk from half a coconut.
As for the supplementary ingredients
  • - Just enough sugar.
  • - Salt to taste.
  • - Orange leaves, get rid of the bone leaves.
  • - Turmeric leaves, knotted.
  • - 5 large green chilies, sliced ​​with shapes and sizes to taste.
  • - Galangal 1 finger segment crushed.
  • - Ginger is mixed.
  • - Candice acid
  • - Lemongrass, use only the white parts, then crushed.
  • - Bay leaf.
Spices that must be mashed
  • - 4 cloves garlic.
  • - 7 cloves of onion.
  • - White pepper to taste
Risma said that if you want simple materials, these equipment are also already available in the market.
  • "Usually in the marinade market there is already, fast food seasonings, just enter", added Risma
  • Here is how to make the typical Taangkao tauco curry
  • First, chop the beans, white tofu, and tomatoes into small pieces or as desired, then grandchildren to clean
  • Fried tempeh and tofu until skinned.
  • After that, finely garlic, onion and pepper, then stir-fry can use oil, can also with butter or margarine.
  • Put bay leaves, orange leaves, lemongrass, ginger, and kandis acid, chili peppers, and other spices.
  • Continue stirring until cooked evenly and smells good
  • Then enter the beans, tofu, and tempeh, then stir until cooked evenly.
  • 5 Next, add coconut milk and also materials that have not been used.
  • Keep stirring, until cooking, try to keep the stove fire stable.
  • Enter the flavoring, such as salt, sugar to taste while tasting.
  • If the beans are tender, and the taste is just right, turn off the stove.
  • Copy the touco into a dish or bowl. Finally, sprinkle fried shallots. Minang typical tauco curry ready to serve.
  • Risma also said that touco can also be added to beef, quail eggs, shrimp and others.
  • "Touco curry can also be added with beef, especially now that Eid al-Adha has a lot of meat. Besides quail eggs, shrimp, "added Risma

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